The Story of Daisy
"Daisy" is a 1947 Dodge, WD-20, 1 ton truck. What you see in
the picture to the left, is what I got when I bought it. I don't know if it
originally had a pickup bed, a flat bed, a dump bed or was sold as a “Cab &

The story of how this truck came to be a project truck for me is
a bit of a funny story. I had bought another project to work on that had a
1940 grille on it. But the grill was smashed beyond what I was going to be
able to save. I really hadn’t put much thought into what I was going to do
about that grille, as it wasn’t an urgent matter for me. The “other
vehicle” was just a shell of a vehicle and needed a lot more work before
the grill was going to become important. One day, as I was perusing
Craigslist, I bumped into the ad for the truck that eventually came to be
known as “Daisy”.

The name comes (again) from my wife. In most light, the truck
looks white. But in bright sunlight, it is actually yellow. She made the
connection to daisies and the rest, as they say, is history. Although, I
think “Daisy” is the wrong name for a 1947 Dodge 1 ton truck that was
clearly a work horse. But it seems I have little say in the matter.

So back to the story: the price was right, so I bought it with the
intent of taking the grille from it and putting my smashed one back on it
and reselling the truck for whatever I could get. Then a friend of mine
offered me another grille really cheap and I thought that would enhance
this truck more than putting the smashed one back on it. When I had the
grille off the truck, the serial number on the frame was left in plain sight.
So I cleaned it off and posted it on the Yahoo group "39-47 Dodge Truck"
forum to find that this particular truck was the last one to come off the
assembly line at the Los Angeles Dodge truck plant, of this body style.
The LA plant only made a handful compared to the Detroit plant, (appx
1,500 vs. 20,000) which makes the “LA trucks” more collectable. But add
to that, this is the last one. 
"Daisy" is a 1947  WD-20, Dodge 1 ton truck. Read the story to the right to learn more about it and to follow along with the project.